Video is not the end goal
but a means to reach other goals.

visual video strategy

Video Strategy

A solid plan makes the difference between tracking your ROI and throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

If you've already hopped on the video bandwagon, congrats! You've overcome one major hurdle: getting started. Now's the time to put a strategy in place.

A video marketing strategy allows you to create video content with the power to reach your goals.

B2B Video

B2B video marketing is radically different from showcasing consumer goods. To sell a bag of chips or a pair of jeans, one needs little more than nice lighting. For an intangible and complex B2B product, we need to look a little further.
While your approach might be different, video marketing is an excellent way to promote your B2B product and brand. Whatever your marketing goals are, there's a type of video that will get you there.

B2E Video

Employees are the greatest resource any company possesses. We all know this, but often lose sight of it putting theory into practice.

The truth is, it's crucial to invest in the "Employee Experience". In your internal marketing, if you will. With a robust B2E strategy, you'll cultivate your most important audience: the people powering your company.

This approach will also pay off when it’s time to strengthen your team. A strong Employer Brand will help you attract the right talent for any vacancy.

Bringing ideas to life with visually stunning animations that will grab the attention of your target audience and help your company stand out in the competitive global market, that’s what we do.

Whether it’s explainer videos, product demos, brand storytelling, or corporate communications, we produce animations that are tailored to your specific goals and resonate with your audience.

By hosting webinars, webcasts, a virtual or hybrid event, you can reduce both costs and logistical headaches. For virtual events, this could mean saving as much as 25% of your overhead costs.
No venues to book, staff to hire, travel to plan, or meals to arrange—all you need to focus on is what you'll show the world. That means more peace of mind, a higher ROI, and a more profitable event.

Sounds good? We’ll guide you through the process from script to screen. Whatever your goal or budget, we’ll tap into our in-house expertise to create a winning concept. Still prefer a live event? We’ve got you covered for the after movie.

Both in Brussels and in The Netherlands, we have several dedicated studios for small to huge events.
Do you need a studio frequently? We also build in-house studios on location.

Creating compelling trailers that captivate audiences, that's the core business of our on- air department​.

We produce hundreds of trailers and social media content for movies, series, sports games and television programmes.

As market leader in Belgium we work for Telenet, Streamz, Play Sports, Eleven Sports, Eén, Canvas and Sporza.​​

In a nutshell, we offer:

video marketing, ROI, guidelines, tone of voice, scenario, and copywriting;

corporate videos, internal communication, after movies, social media content, production movies, instruction videos, employer branding, testimonials, commercials, drone footage, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion design, editing, grading, colour grading, audio post-production, and podcasts;

employer branding and internal communication;

webinars, webcasts, hybrid and virtual events, green key, technical consultancy, after movies, in-house studios, podcasts, vodcasts.

Social Media content, Red carpet interviews, Electronic press kits